Thursday, 20 December 2012

Take 3D photos with non 3D Digital Camera or Mobile Camera

In Normal photos we play with Light and in 3D photos we play with angles. Changing angles of your normal camera or mobile camera you can take 3D photos. In this tutorial I have explained how to play with angles with a calculator making the calculation easy for you.

What you need to have:

  • A Camera or Mobile Camera (at least 2MP)
  • A stationary Object (of which you want to take 3D picture)
How to take 3D pictures:
  •  Choose the stationary object you want to take 3D picture of.
  • Measure the approximate distance of the object from your camera or mobile (No need to be accurate).
  • You’ll have to take two images one from the left side of the object and one from the right side of the object positioning the object at the center as shown in the fig.  Calculate the distance between left and right side of the image in the distance calculator below.

Now join the  images using any image editor  as shown in the figure.
And your image is ready to be viewed in 3D.
You can use  your 3D television to watch it or use our tutorial  How to watch 3D in Non-3D Desktop and Laptop. just drag and drop the photos in place of videos to watch it in 3D.

How to Watch 3D Movies/Videos/Images in non 3D supported Laptops and Desktops.

How to Add Left and right Image 

  • First of all check the properties of the image and note down resolution of the image. eg. 2430 x 1500.  here 2430 is height and 1500 is width.
  • open paint program of windows and click on re-size and choose option pixels also unmark maintain aspect ratio.
  • Multiply horizontal resolution by 2 and vertical resolution remain the same put the resolution in the resolution box.
  • Finally right click on the image and goto edit option and copy the image (using Ctrl+C) and paste the left image in the left of the blank paint window and right image in the right paint window.
  • Save the image. You're done. 

Still having Problems. Feel free to ask

3D Image Distance Calculator

Enter The Distance between Camera and Object: (metre) Distance Between Left and Right Image(Maximum) : (centimeter)

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