Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tutorial for Stereoscopic Player Watch 3D Video Clips

This is a tutorial for watching 3D video in non 3D screen using Stereoscopic Player. 
Stereoscopic Player is specially designed for Viewing 3D videos in Desktop and Laptops.

Steps to follow:

  • Download and Install Stereoscopic Player.
  • Open stereoscopic player
  • Drag and Drop the 3D video clip on the Stereoscopic Player Window

  • Choose the Layout SBS(Side By Side) or O/U(over under) or Interlaced and Aspect Ratio As in the same your 3D video clip.

  • Click on the Glass Icon set Active 3D mode

Now you are ready to watch the 3D video on your Computer.
If you have a 3D glass other than red-cyan 3D glass then use the following Steps to do the Setting in your Computer.

  • Open the Stereoscopic Player.
  • Click on File and in the drop down menu select Setting (or Press Ctrl+C).
  • Select Playback Options.
  • In the Preferred Viewing Method Select Stereoscopic.
        And choose the mode of your 3D glass.

  • Repeat the First Process to play the 3D clip.


     All versions of Stereoscopic Player don't support all format. Download K lite Codec Pack for this problem.
LG cinema 3D, Real D 3D etc. modes in the stereoscopic player will not work in your Computer.
NVidia 3D mode will only work if you have NVidia 3D glass and NVidia 3D graphics card Installed.

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