Friday, 5 October 2012

How To Animate Your Current Desktop View Like Infinite Mirror

This trick is a great fun. It will animate your desktop view like infinite mirror. I am sure you'll be loving it. 

We are going to use VLC media player for this little trick.

As I think you must have VLC media installed in you computer.
Don't worry if you don't have it.
Download it from here.
It's free for download and follow some simple steps to install.

Now, you are ready:

Open VLC and then press "Ctrl+N".
This will open Network dialogue box of VLC media player.
Now, type "screen://" in the dialogue box.

It's been Done. Now Whatever will be in your desktop or whichever window you have opened will be animated  just switch to VLC media player. It will continued for ever even after it vanishes. It goes upto infinity just like Infinite Mirror

Explanation: It works like a calling function of C language. It calls the screen and animate it like infinte mirror.

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