Thursday, 15 November 2012

Why the 3D Glasses from Cinema Theater doesn't Work at Home

The Glasses Which we use in Cinema Theaters are Normally Real D 3D glasses.
Recently some 3D televisions have came which support them but they will not work in your Normal Laptop and desktop.
Real D 3D movies work by projecting two copies of the movie onto the screen, one after the other in quick succession. One series of frames is from the perspective of the left eye, while the other is from the perspective of the right eye.

The left and right projections have different light polarizations. The left lens of the 3D glasses allows the light from the left projection to be seen by the left eye, but prevents light from the right projection being seen by the left eye. The right lens does the opposite, allowing only the right projection's light to be seen by the right eye. This has the effect of making the right and left eyes see slightly different versions of the movie, each from a different perspective, just as occurs when viewing a real-world scene. The human brain naturally combines the two two-dimensional images into a single, 3-dimensional scene.

This doesn't work at home on a television or monitor because the monitor is not projecting two different images and even if it were, it can't polarize the light from each image so that it's filtered by the lenses.

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