Thursday, 11 October 2012

Future Technology up-to 2020

When we look at the present as an indication of where we’ll stand a year from now–much less a decade–feeling optimistic may not come easy. We look out to the universe and see an infinite, lifeless abyss enfolding upon our own small pocket of civilization, while the people we look to for guidance and information seem to be little more than straight-faced bearers of bad news.
Yet while we can’t predict what the future holds for our unending political discourses, we can look at how far we've come with technology in merely the last decade and realize the present we know now will, very soon, find itself memorialized in nostalgia. Here’s some technology emerging down the road that’s poised to change your life on a much greater scale than any outcome of a political debate.

Technology development 2012

  1. Mars Science Laboratory
  2. Ultra Books
  3. The Brain Cap, from U of Maryland

Technology development 2013

  1. The Rise of Electronic Paper
  2. 4G Network Connectivity
  3. Eye of Gaia

Technology development 2014

  1. Terabyte SD Memory Card
  2. Solar energy Powered Plane
  3. Polar Ice Breaker
  4. Bio Nano matrix

Technology development 2015

  1. Zero Carbon Sustainable City
  2. 3D Printing

Technology development 2016

  1. Reborn of Extinct
  2. Space tourism
  3. Sunscreen Pill

Technology development 2017

  1. Portable laser pens that can seal wounds
  2. World's Fastest Super Computer

Technology development 2018

  1. Light Peak technology
  2. Insect-sized robot spies

Technology development 2019

  1. Law of Accelerating Returns
  2. The Web Within Us

Technology development 2020

  1. Crash Proof Cars


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 All the Technology developments which are given above are expected to be developed.

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