Friday, 5 October 2012

How to Make any Folder Completely Invisible in windows

Now here is another trick to keep your personal files in a safe folder and to do this we don't need to use any software. This time  we'll make the folder invisible .
And doing this is very simple. you can make this folder in any drive. But, I am going to do this in Desktop.

 To make an invisible folder you need to use few simple steps.

   First make a folder at any location you want to keep your files. There is no restriction, then press F2 button(or right click-> rename ).

Then While pressing "Alt" type "0160" ( using number pad keys).you will have a folder without any "name".

Now finally change the "icon" of the folder into a blank space. right click on the folder and then goto  "change icon". and chose a "blank icon" as shown done in the picture.
Enjoy an invisible folder. Put your personal files in this folder.
Note: If you want to have more security. you can also make it hidden for more security. to make hidden. use the following steps. goto properties-> hidden-> apply.

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