Friday, 5 October 2012

Trick to hide Text in Notepad

There are more interesting things in notepad than you can think of, here is a Brilliant Trick to Hide the Text in Notepad

Make your personal text file which no one will be able to read except you.

This small trick to hide the text inside the windows default text editor i.e notepad. This can be done using command prompt. But trick works only on NTFS file system
( generally your C drive is in NTFS format).

Follow the easy steps to hide the text in Notepad.
Open command prompt by pressing "ctrl+R" and type "cmd".

In the command prompt type "cd desktop" to move to your desktop or "cd directory_name"

Type the below code in your command prompt "notepad name_of_file.txt:hidden"

a notepad window will pop up.
Write some text in the poped up window and save it by pressing (Ctrl+s).
Now browse to the file location(if you have choosed desktop then open desktop) and open "name_of_file.txt" you will not be able to see any text written in the text file.

To retrieve the hidden data (you have written  in the file) open command prompt and type the same command "notepad name_of_file.txt:hidden"
Enjoy with hiding the text.

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