Saturday, 6 October 2012

How to Access Blocked Websites In Colleges, Universities, Office, Cyber Cafe.

In School , College , Office and Universities many websites are blocked like Facebook, twitter, and also those also which you are thinking right now.
Here I'll teach you how to access those websites which are blocked.

Some times the securities are of  very poor kind so you just need to use this method.

on the URL  use "https" in place of "http".

eg:   ( not working) (now this will work)

Using Proxy in Web Browser

  • First of all  click here and note down your current I.P. address.
  • Get a list of fresh proxies by clicking here
          It should be like I.P. port.

  • Note down the I.P. and port no.
  • open Mozilla Firefox 
  • goto: Settings-> Advanced-> Network-> Settings(inside network)-> Manual proxy configuration
  • the manual configuration window will look like this.

  • now paste the I.P. and port and start surfing.
    you can do this setting for any browser.

Internet Based Proxy Server Websites

There are so many websites through which you can access those websites which I am enlisting below:
This will work as virtual browser in your oringinal browser.Don't worry you can work freely because this proxy server don't give any information to the host server. but don't tick mark the log me in button.

Go to any proxy server websites like the some below:

and so many more you'll find on the internet.

Using Proxy Hiding Softwares

These softwares easy to use and freely available on the internet they keep changing your proxies after some interval of time. One of my favourite is Ultrasoft.
download ultrasoft from here.

Retrieving Web pages via E-mail

web2mail is a free service that sends websites you want to surf in your inbox. 
All you need to do is to send an email to with the url of the website you want to surf as the subject title.

Now what if all the above tricks fail

This is little bit complex process.
You can can convert the website name in Binary. 
To do this you'll have to ping the domain name first.

  • To ping open Command Prompt(press Ctrl+R and type cmd).

  • In the command prompt type the blocked website
  • ping blocked_website".like the image below

  • this will give you the I.P. address of the website in octal system or decimal

  • now using calculator you can convert that octal number or decimal number in binary number.

  • after converting all the numbers paste that binary number into URL  and start surfing.

Enjoy The full access of the blocked Websites.


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