Friday, 19 October 2012

How To Add your Friends Photo in Facebook Chat

Here in this article I will teach you How to add your friends or any person photo in Facebook chat window. It's really fun adding any friends photo in chat window and it's easy too.

To Add your friends Photo in chat Window Just Follow the Steps Below.

Get Username of the person whose Picture you want to add on chat.

 use the following steps

Step 1

Search for your friend in Facebook search bar.

step 3

Copy the words between words between the forward slash (/) and question mark(?). 
which is here underlined in the above example. i.e. the username of the person.
Here the username is in alphabets But it can also be in numbers.

After Getting Username

After getting getting username it's simple just put the username in the double closed braces (third bracket).
like this  [[username]]

example:                                                [[skyrohithigh]]  
             so the profile picture of your friend will appear in the chat window just like the chat emotions.

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