Friday, 19 October 2012

How To make Your own chat emotions

Now here I am back with a new trick how to make your own Facebook chat emotions.
It's simple to make a Facebook chat Emotions but It takes time to make a chat emotion.
To make a your Own chat Emotions use the following steps:

Step 1

At first Make a Facebook account.

Step 2

 Add the picture(Emotion) you want to appear in the chat window the profile picture of the account.

Step 3 

You can set  your custom username of the account by going into account setting or Get The username by using This Trick.(It will be in numbers).

How To Get Username.

Step 4

Finally put the username in the double closed braces [[username]] 
and enjoy your own chat emotions.

Don't Want to Do all these Get out already Made Advanced Chat Emotions.

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