Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Add Your Favorite Website in the Sidebar of Firefox

Tired of surfing on the web and keep changing tab to see what's going on your Favorite website. Here is the solution you can do both without changing tab. Add your Favorite Site in the sidebar of Mozilla Firefox and make surfing easier.
You can also add Facebook chat window. You'll feel like no matter what website you open you can chat with your Facebook friends without changing tab.


How to Add Your Favorite Website in the sidebar of Mozilla Firefox

  • First of all Install and Open Firefox.
  • Just Press Ctrl+Shift+B to open show all bookmarks.
  • Select Organize and then New Bookmark

  • In the New Bookmark window Type the Name of your Favorite Website and Web Url  in the Location. If you want you can put other information too. 
  • Remember to Select "Load this bookmark in the sidebar".

  • Now Press Ctrl+B to open bookmarks in the sidebar.
  • Select Your Favorite Site and It will be loaded in the sidebar.

Now you're done Surf any website in the Main Window. Sidebar will always show your Favorite website.

Having any Problem ?
Feel Free to Ask.

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