Monday, 22 October 2012

How To Calculate the Distance Where the Lighthning Storm is happening

In rainy season we always come across lightning. The light sparks followed by a thunder clap. Most children have at least once these thought at what height this phenomenon happens. Some get satisfied by reading Geography in high school. But they don't get to know exactly at what height it has happened.
Have you ever thought At what distance from you the lightning is exactly formed?
If not then here you'll learn how to calculate.

The velocity of sound wave is approx 332m/s.In wet air it slightly increases( depends on the  humidity in air).


Speed of lightning(light) = 300000000m/s.
Speed of Sound in wet air = 333m/s (nearly in wet air).
We can say that the lightning approaches to us instantly because of it's very high speed.
Distance travelled by sound in 3 sec = 1000 metres = 1 kilo metre(nearly).

The next time a thunderstorm approaches, count the seconds between a flash of lightning (which reaches you almost instantaneously) and the following thunderclap. Divide this time by 3 to determine the approximate number of kilometers to the storm.

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