Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to block any website in a computer without using any software

Block a particular website (or websites) so nobody can access them through your computer. This trick is useful in situations like you don’t want any children in your house surfing certain websites or you use an application(like Internet download manager) that checks the validity of its key online and for some reasons you use a fake key or crack. You can block any website in Windows easily without using any software.
Let assume that you want to block Facebook website.

step 1

open c:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc
and Make a backup of file named host file

Step 2

Double-click on host file and in the "Open with window",select "Notepad".

Step 3

Under the line localhost Or localhost ::1 localhost


You can block other sites simply by adding them under127.0.0.1 localhost, for example if you want to block Facebook as well as Orkut site, and then your host file mustbe like this: localhost ::1 localhost127.0.0.1 www.facebook.com127.0.0.1 Refer to the image below:

Step 4

Instead of you can also enter and (increase the IP address by one), like:

Both steps 3 and 4 working perfectly, actually when you add then Windows handles all domain name resolution requests for by the local machine as a substitute of configured DNS.

Step 5

Go to your Internet browser and type the website address and see the result. If you want to unblock the website and back to the default,simply delete the lines that you have entered before.


Don't Forget to make a backup of your host file
Delete your web browser History and Cache before you modify the Windows host file.

How To Access any Blocked Website

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