Friday, 5 October 2012

How to Unlock USB in Windows XP

Most of times USB of computer in social places like Schools, Colleges, Cyber Cafes and Offices are blocked we are not able to use our pen drives
or Hard disks for data transfer. Here you'll learn how to unlock the USB in Windows XP.
Because Social Sites Windows XP because it's still the most running operating system in the world.

The Process is quite simple just follow the steps open one after another.

1. Start ->

2. Run ->

3.regedit ->

4.Find the Hkey_Local_Machine>


6.Current Control set>



Look at the right pain and find out the Start where value of the start would be 0000000(X) edit the value by double mouse click and type 3 and save.
Note: In place of "X" there could any number replace that number to 3.
Restart ur pc.
the blocked usb of your university, school or cybercafe will be now unblocked and you can use them as you use other pc's.
Still having problem leave a comment.

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