Friday, 26 October 2012

All New Facebook Shortcut Keys For Windows

Facebook has over 500 million active users and most of them spend many hours browsing Facebook pages, games and profiles. It only makes sense to learn new ways to access different pages faster. There are a few keyboard shortcuts that can help you to each specific pages faster. For Laptop users it's very useful.

Facebook Shortcut Keys for Windows Users

To Open
Searching for a friend or PageAlt+?Shift+Alt+?
Sending a New MessageAlt+MShift+Alt+M
Home PageAlt+1Shift+Alt+1
Profile PageAlt+2Shift+Alt+2
Friend RequestAlt+3Shift+Alt+3
Message PageAlt+4Shift+Alt+4
Account SettingsAlt+6Shift+Alt+6
Privacy SettingsAlt+7Shift+Alt+7
Facebook Official PageAlt+8Shift+Alt+8
Terms & ConditionsAlt+9Shift+Alt+9

Note: All the keyboard shortcuts have been successfully tested with Google Chrome and Firefox. Some of the Chrome shortcuts may work with Internet Explorer.

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