Sunday, 9 December 2012

Uploading photos on Facebook faster than ever

 People upload too many photos on Facebook.  In spite of your high speed connection photo uploading on Facebook is slow so here is the solution how to upload photos on Facebook faster.

This is only for Mozilla Firefox Users:

  • Open Firefox.
  • Press alt key. Menu bar will appear on the top.

  • Then go to Tools -> Options -> Contents
  • And unselect “load images automatically”.

And you’re done now upload images it will be uploaded faster than before.
Note: After uploading photos select the box(load images automatically) again if you don't then Firefox will not upload any images.

There is one more way to upload photos faster.

When we click photos from our digital camera the resolution of the photos are quite high (normally 4230 X 3420 pixels and the size is approx  3-4 MB).The photo takes more time to be uploaded.
To solve this problem, just change the resolution of photos and it will be uploaded faster.
You can change resolution using paint program of windows too. 
To change resolution-
  • Right click on photo and select edit.

  • In the paint window select resize.
  • Change preference from percentage  to  pixels.

  • change the one either horizontal or vertical as you wish and other one will automatically be changed.
  • Remember “Maintain aspect ratio” should be marked.
  • Preferred horizontal 800 pixels or vertical 600 pixels which is enough for Facebook.

 Are you are confused?
 Feel free to ask

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