Saturday, 6 October 2012

How To Hide Your Secret Files in an Image

An Advance way of Hiding you secret data in an Image. So if anyone opens the image, it would be like an ordinary image but in fact your files are hidden inside it.

What you need

 a JPG or JPEG image and WinRar program.

Step 1

Suppose you have a JPEG image with name Windows and you want to hide two files App.exe and Text in it.

 Step 2

First of all add the files (App and Text) to Winrar archive, and make a .rar or .zip file. I named it Text.

Step 3

Add the Text.rar file and your image in a same directory. For this tutorial, I have placed my image and zip file in Image directory in my system D: drive.

Step 4

 Open Command prompt by typing cmd in the Run and navigate to the Image folder
by pressing "cd D:\Image"

Step 5

Copy the Text.rar in Windows.jpeg image by typing

"copy /b windows.jpg+text.rar windows.jpg"

And exit from the Command prompt.

Step 6

 Open Image directory in Windows and delete the Text.rar file. Now your image is ready. After that anyone tries to viewing the image, it looks like a normal JPEG file and it is even acts as a JPEG file.

If you need to view or extract the hidden files inside the image, simply change its extension to .rar or right-click on it and from the pop down menu, select Open with WinRar.

Now Your File is ready to Send Anyone in the most protected form.

Note: The Code In the command prompt must be type in the format shown.
          You Can do it in any directory

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