Friday, 26 October 2012

All New Shortcut Keys For Google+ users

Google+ is growing very fast millions of users are daily spend many hours browsing Google+ pages, games and profiles. It only makes sense to learn new ways to access different pages faster. There are a few keyboard shortcuts that can help you to surf Google+ stream faster. For Laptop users it's very useful to learn these Shortcuts

Google Plus Shortcut Keys 

JScroll down to next Google+ Stream Update
KScroll up to Previous Google+ Stream Update
QMove to chat section of Google+
QQPressing Q twice Moves your cursor to the Search Box in the "chat" section of Google+
Space BarScroll Down stream by Regular Intervals
Space+ShiftScroll up stream by regular intervals
EnterWhen a stream Update is selected Enter Moves your Cursor to the Comment Box
Enter + TabSubmit Comment
@@ followed by a username is used to mention someone in a post or share the post with them


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